Donnerstag, 15. März 2012

FWQ - Chandolin

On Friday the 9 of March we (Jochen and I) started our journey to Chandolin. At our first stop we picked up Nadine and Geli. 3 hours later we ended up at a red sign: “Operalppass closed” Hurray, good work navi! We had to use another mountain pass which took us two additional hours just to be 25 km closer to our destination. So it all became something like a road trip. Finally we arrived at Dago’s place.

Day 1:
The Face was very wide but short so it offered a lot of possible lines and it was hard to chose the best one. After choosing our lines and getting up to the start we ended up in kind of chaotic starting situation. There was no starting order at all so you had to battle for your spot, so it was a little bit harder to prepare for our runs. Unfortunately one of Jochen´s binding ejected at his 360 so he got rewarded with zero points. After waiting for three more hours, Domi and I weren´t able to perform as planned, so to summarize the first day: Not good at all;-)
So the highlight of the day was the BBQ ;-)!

Jochen had a really progressive run, but couldn´t stomp two tricks clean and finished the day with the third best score! Respect buddy! Too bad, that he crashed on day one. I also was a lot more satisfied with my run (Day2: 9th)
Nadine on the other hand, showed her skills with two awesome runs and took home the second place. Congrats!!

Here are the final results:

Although it was a really short trip, we all had an awesome time.
Thanks a lot to Dagobert for his support and the video footage. We look forward to ski another comp with you. Get well soon!!

Hope you like our small Trip-Edit:

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